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The Royal Naval Patrol Service Association,
Registered Charity no 273148, was founded in 1977 to unite the veterans who served in the Royal Naval Patrol Service 1939-1946 and to assist those of them and their dependents who might be in need. The Association also maintains and preserves a record of the work and experiences of RNPS during World War 2 by means of a Museum which seeks to educate subsequent generations about this aspect of the war.

This website aims to make as much of the material as possible held at Lowestoft available to online visitors. It also acts as a finger post to those researching family history to guide their research in the right direction.

Please follow the links placed in the column at the left to find the information that you might be seeking. If you need further assistance then there are several officers of the Association available to help but please check what is already available online first.

VE Day 70

Veterans and friends of the RNPS will be attending a
VE DAY tribute to past and present members of the armed forces in the Sparrows Nest Gardens on the evening of Friday, 8th May, 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe. The tribute starts at 9.00pm and the beacon will be lit at 9.30pm.

Do join us to show your support if you can. Further details here.

Museum news

This space is reserved for the Museum Curator who will use this area to publicise help he needs in relation to the Museum, for example with cataloguing museum exhibits, etc.

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